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I've just read a great article about: Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking - New Era in Link Building
By Anwar Alam

I've just read this great article about: Social Bookmarking. Think you should want to learn more about it too.

Introduction of Web 2.0 opened the door for innovation in how websites are designed and used by visitors. Traditionally a site visitor would visit a site and then leave without having any interaction with the site owner or with other visitors of similar philosophy. Web 2.0 allowed everyone, site owners and visitors, to be able to communicate to each other. Social Bookmarking sites are just one of these many different Web 2.0 sites that are in existence today which can be used for link building.

Idea behind social bookmarking sites is to store private and public bookmarks organized by categories and tags. Anyone can register with these social media sites and bookmark their favorite URLs. These saved bookmarks can be used for personal reference or can be shared with others. Public bookmarks can not only be shared with others but also be viewed form anywhere, as long as one has a computer with internet connection. One good thing about these public bookmarking sites is that, search engine robots can visit those sites and index the data. While indexing these social sites filled with bookmarking links, search engine robots follow the links and index the pages where the link leads the robots to. This gives site owners the opportunity to use the bookmarking sites for link building purpose.

Social bookmarking sites not only offer a world of opportunity for link building but also offer the opportunity to free traffic. All site owners know how important and often valuable traffic is for a website or blog. Specially money making webmaster who are interested in generating revenue from their sites or blogs only have one goal in mind that is to drive as much traffic as possible to their sites. Reason for driving traffic is pretty simple. More people visit a site, more opportunity there for the site owners to generate revenue.

Aside form link building and traffic generation, social bookmarking sites offer another very important benefit which is promoting brand awareness.

These social sites are viewed by millions of people so your presence on these sites, especially to the top ones, can promote brand awareness. Due to the growing popularity of these bookmarking sites, lot of platforms have been released that are mostly open source that are now being used by even average people to run their very own bookmarking sites.

You can search for such sites where you can store your bookmarks and make a list of them if you are interested in link building with social bookmarking. All of these sites require free registration so that the bookmarks you make can be stored under your user account. Once you put together a list of available bookmarking sites and registered with them, you can start submitting you site details. Details most of these sites require include site or page title, URL, description, and keywords (known as tags). More bookmarking sites you submit your details to, more backlinks you get. Digg and StumbleUpon are two popular bookmarking sites that you can start with. has a list of bookmarking sites where you can submit your site for traffic and backlinks.

Since there are countless number of bookmarking sites out there, it is ideal that you do your own search and build your own list of bookmarking sites that you can use for link building.

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"If you want to be successful in Internet Marketing write an ebook"

If you are newbie, maybe you will not understand at this stage. But when you are establishing yourself in Internet Marketing and that you are surfing "through" what it is said here and there, you soon understand the logical in what reveals itself like a statement, in definitive: "If you want to be successful in Internet Maketing write an ebook".

Yes, you soon understand because you now know the three main important things you need to grow a business. I mean:

1. Decide on a Niche
2. Develop a Product / Service
3. Develop a Unique Selling Position for your product / service

When you have the book, you have the product. Important indeed!

But can anyone even sit back and write a book? Some seems to say yes.

And i must recognize that it is not so difficult to write about something you love or you are interesting in. Nothing prevents you from learning before applying. And the better is to take the time to compare, analyse and test. Not everyone is a genius in everything, but you can give yourself a chance. You will be stronger even if you fail.

On the whole when you are going to run the business you start, make sure you are positive and interested in selling this product or service.

What is done one time can be done another time and if you love what you are doing, is supposed to be done better. I can remember a sentence of Stuart Stirling, an internet networker i am working with who said one day : "as with all things, we learn as we do, even when we do it wrong". And he follows quoting a famous Japanese proverb which goes like this... "Fall seven times, stand up eight". I love it!

Till next time, read, learn, apply, apply, apply.

See you soon,

Internet, the Overload ...Oooops, Overlook of Information

When you surf the web you soon understand the importance of information for people. The more you surf the more information you reach, the more you need to surf to find even more information. It is like we were information bulimics. We need it. It's vital.

Why? When you are interested by something you read pages and articles about this topic. But even if you find some other sources talking about this same topic you will read it. Genarally things are not said in the same way and it is always like you are just learning something new.

The good part of this is that everything seems to be new (or nice) on the internet. If by chance you have built a well-designed good appealing website, you may be sure that someone interested in what you have to say will stay a few minutes on your site and browse it and read it.

Now, indeed, it is really up to you to start posting some good contents on your website. Put subjects that you are interesting in. The more you love or are curious about something the easier you are able to talk or write about it.

Right now, take your pen, install yourself front of your keybord and write, write, write.

For my part being in Internet Marketing for a while now, how many time i haven't heard: "To be successful in Internet Marketing write an ebook".

But I will tell what this is inspiring to me next time.

See you soon,

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

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The Future is...

I couldn't really miss this one...

In his March 13, 2008 Internet Marketing Tips Joel Comm wrote:

Do you notice that the market is being flooded with product launch after product launch?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? And why is it happening? One viewer ask, "What is the forecast for Internet marketing?" I take out my crystal ball and answer in this brief video.

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How Many People Work for Him?

I loved this video of Joel Comm :

What he doesn't know is that it is not so easy. But I promise I will think about it!



Microsoft May Give Consumers A Share in Advertising Revenue

Concept Is Aimed at Luring
More Users to Search Site
In New Challenge to Google

December 12, 2005

Microsoft Corp. may up the ante in its competition with Google Inc. by sharing some of its online-advertising revenue with consumers who use its Internet search engine.

The concept, described by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in a presentation last week in India, is being considered as a way to draw more users to Microsoft's search business. It would mark a significant change in how a major search engine operates.

Speaking to Microsoft partners in India, Mr. Gates said the Redmond, Wash., company may woo individuals to its search site with cash or free content or software.

"We'll actually go to users and say instead of us keeping all that ad revenue, we'll actually share some of it back with the user," said Mr. Gates, according to a transcript supplied by Microsoft. "The user essentially will get paid, either money or free content or software things that they wouldn't get if they didn't use that search engine."

By attracting more Internet users to its search site, Microsoft could entice more advertisers to buy ads on its online services. A similar interest in generating more advertising is behind Microsoft's discussions with
Time Warner Inc. over linking its ad systems with those of Time Warner's America Online unit. Google is also in talks with Time Warner over an ad-related partnership. Time Warner is expected to pick between the two suitors as early as this week, a person familiar with the matter said.

A Microsoft spokeswoman said the offer described by Mr. Gates is just one of many possible services that Microsoft could roll out but that it currently has no plan to do so. The spokeswoman declined to provide any further details.

The possible offer is part of one of the most closely watched battles that Microsoft is now waging. Google has created a highly profitable business linking Web search with advertising. The company is now expanding into other areas, such as email services, that compete head-on with Microsoft. Google's success in search prompted Microsoft to build its own search business, which it rolled out earlier this year.

But while the Microsoft service, MSN Search, is a viable competitor, it has so far failed to check Google's rise. Google remains the largest search engine; it handled 45% of U.S. search queries in September while Microsoft handled 12%, according to research firm Nielsen/NetRatings.

Some smaller search sites have tried to attract consumers by giving a percentage of ad sales to user-designated charities or giving individuals chances to win cash prizes. GoodSearch Inc., a site that uses
Yahoo Inc. search technology, distributes a portion of its ad revenue to charities or schools selected by users each time they search. Iwon, a site run by IAC/InterActiveCorp's Ask Jeeves search unit, enters users in sweepstakes for cash prizes based on their use of the site.

A similar move by Microsoft could potentially prompt Google to respond with offers of its own to consumers. Still, paying consumers to use search engines could create significant headaches. Individuals could start visiting the search site solely for payment, without any real interest in searching or viewing the ads presented alongside search results, defeating the goal of helping advertisers.

"We're always looking for ways to make our users' search experience more satisfying, including paying users for searching with us," Google said in a statement. "We found that users recognize the greater value they receive from our continuous improvements to the speed, relevance, comprehensiveness, and usefulness of our search results."

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